Knud's Capri

This is a page about my Ford Capri....

Some history:

The car was bought from a guy in Kristiansand, Norway back in 1989. Originally it is a '77 mkII 2.0S V6 (90 HP DIN) which had rolled ca. 210.000 km.
Within the last six months it had been stolen twice. And it wasn't much to look at, with a lot of rust...... But the mechanical condition was quite good.

min13.jpg (80072 byte)
The car was stripped, and a whole lot of new parts were bought from different stores in England and Norway. In august 1992, after hundreds of hours of work and a repaint, it was ready for the road . Now as a Capri Turbo look-a-like.  

After this the car was ready for a Capri-meeting at Gol, Norway. In the summer of 1995 a friend of mine and I used the car for an 11-days holiday through 10 different countries in Europe. Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands were visited. We drove more than 4.500 km.

After several kilometers and attending at different meetings in Norway and Denmark, I've found it boring with only 90 HP. In 1996 a donation-car, a '82 2.8 injection, was bought from Switzerland.
The electrical system, the suspension, the engine and the complete driveline was changed.
But something went wrong.....   The engine hadn't any power at all. I guessed it was just a little problem with the injection, but I gave up the project. Since then the car has been stored outside......  Sad, but true.

In september 2002, the problem with the injection was figured out. Two fuel pipes had been swapped during the installation. So now the engine is running fine. But there are still "some" work to do....

Some information about the car:

Model : '77 ('82/'84)
Engine : '82 2.8i (160HP/DIN)
Exterior : Original Turbo look-a-like
Interior : '84 2.0S
Wheels : 4-spoke RS 7 1/2"x13"
Tyres : Pirelli P6 235/60-13
Bodymodifications :

Rebuilt to mkIII.
Zakspeed glasfibrewings. Original front- and rear- Turbospoilers.


And at last, some pictures, from autumn'92:

min01.jpg (100367 byte)

min02.jpg (92001 byte)

min03.jpg (89581 byte)
min04.jpg (89598 byte) min05.jpg (87605 byte) min06.jpg (92646 byte)
min07.jpg (95429 byte) min08.jpg (87674 byte) min09.jpg (80418 byte)
min10.jpg (80371 byte) min11.jpg (88671 byte) min12.jpg (79782 byte)

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