CCN-meeting at Hunderfossen, Norway

August, 22nd - 24th 2003

Knut Inge early in 'the morning'. Notice the english plates....

Strawberry-jam and beer.   

Black front wings... Powered by Turbo Technics
White whale-tailer... A bunch of mkIIIs
A little bit of this and a little bit of that! The engine bay of Jan Oddens 2.8i
Jan Oddens tidy engine. Let's investigate!!
Some mkIIs.. ...and some tails.
... Nice lines from every angle!
Georgs Huers 2.8i. Checking it out...
Capri Cab. Inside the Capri Cab.
Owned by Raimo Kokko, Sweden. Another way to use a stick..
A kind of racing style. Green, very green!
Aage Roenningens beautyful vehicle. ...
... Egil Skimmelis customized car.
Egils engine bay. Owner: Ken Vidar Solheim
... Some subs..
Inside Egils car. Nice...
As new.... MkII fronts.
'77, 2.0S Bjoernar Roenningsens mkII.
From a different angle.. ...
... ...
The Toensberg-gang having fun ;-) Ready for some cruisin'...
Some discussion... Kjetil Soenstveiten heading back for his car...

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